Friday, March 25, 2016

No. 9 - KOD what it is, who is financing...

(prepared and translated by Zbigniew Koralewski, edited by Richard Brzozowski)

What is the Committee for the Defense of Democracy - CDD ( Komitet Obrony Demokracji - KOD).
This political opposition movement arose suddenly, one day after the Sejm (Polish Parliament) elections, and before the parliament began its work. It means that the CDD began organizing earlier, after the surprising defeat of Bronislaw Komorowski in the spring of 2015. The unidentified CDD Board members publicly stated that democracy in Poland is threatened by PIS (party of Law and Order). Well educated persons, most of them prominent, associated with the former ruling coalition of the PO (Citizen’s Platform) and PSL (Polish Peasant Party), organize demonstrations on the streets of Polish towns. 

The CDD and their supporters are less concerned with what is good for Poland and more concerned with the loss of their privileges. Their skillful propaganda and appealing slogans on Facebook was viewed by more than 25 thousand people in just three days, and quickly gained attention. They recruited to their cause many opportunists and people who do not really know what is actually going on. CDD activists convinced many demonstrators that Poland does not need reforms, that everything is ok, that nothing needs to be changed and that the newly elected authorities want to establish a dictatorship. They introduced more than 70 abusive epithets to chant during demonstrations. For example, "Down with the Duck!" (referring to the leader of PIS), and the more sophisticated "We will not remain silent when our freedom is trampled" and other rhyming and catching statements which excite crowds but do not relate to current events and issues. The activists’ intentions are to provoke riots, to make it difficult to govern and to ultimately overthrow the new government. CDD did not hesitate to ask support from the European Union, American senators and the world media which are unfriendly to Poland. Such shameful lobbying is no different than the “Targowica” betrayal, when a faction of Poles appealed Poland's enemies not to accept the reforms of the Constitution of May 3. The "Targowica" action contributed to 
the partition of Poland 200 years ago. The link to the letter of 3 senators:

The opposition in democratic system is always there and can take two forms: 
The first is constructive opposition – it controls the government and protests against wrong decisions, while concurrently supporting initiatives that are useful.
The second form is obstructive opposition – it leads to total war with the government
and weakens its operations, even if government’s actions are beneficial to its citizens.

CDD is an energetic, vociferous and obstructive opposition. It threatens a second Majdan 
(such as in the Ukraine). Its dangerous activities serve Poland's enemies.

A couple of quoted comments:

~ Mieczyslaw: "As a worker and as a citizen of the Republic of Poland, I've had enough, and I cannot take more of these nasty fellows of CDD. Can you leave in peace this Government, chosen by me and by the majority of the nation? What are you all afraid of? After all, you are honest, hardworking, and blameless citizens with no wrong doing. You do not cheat; you are not caught up in scandals and corruption. You are righteous citizens. So what are you afraid of? You use PIS to scare others. What's wrong with you? Write boldly, maybe you have something on your conscience. Oh, that means order must be restored, while there is time."

~ Julita: "Who takes part in these marches? Maybe there is a bit of ordinary people, but mostly politicians, actors, bankers, journalists, officials of non-governmental organizations, or people very well lined up, who are worried that their grants and funds accounts will decrease. Some people (those who organize marches) are counting on political careers, and others are worried about their positions, many of them in support of the PO and PSL lived well at the expense of the nation, 
and now it may be that they are not useful, and even damaging to us. Hence is the lament.”

Who is funding this spontaneous, grass-roots movement (as CDD likes to advertise itself)?
CDD is supported by foreign institutions and individuals that want Poland to be a colony. The leftist paper “Gazeta Wyborcza” and TV station “TVN” were grateful for example to George Soros, who through the Batory Foundation, donated 150 million zlotych to the fight for " democracy in Poland".

Activists of CDD. 
The political voice of a majority of Polish citizens was ignored during the Tusk, Komorowski and Kopacz administration. The CDD was not organized then to defend Poland's natural resources, namely foreign acquisition of forests and mines, nor falsification of Polish history and demands of Jewish organizations for $ 65 billion in compensation for property lost during World War II. According to the media, CDD is directed by Matthew Kijowski, born 1968 in Warsaw. He is a journalist, has a blog and is active in his parish. He claims that he is motivated by genes inherited from his parents. It is sad that those same genes did not motivate him to defend democracy and bring out thousands of people onto the streets during the administration of government ran by PO and PSL. Among the activists who spoke and/or marched in the front ranks of recent demonstrations is a prominent judge, Jerzy Stepien, former Solidarity activist and former president of the Constitutional Court, participant in the Solidarity Round Table talks and recipient of numerous awards. And there are others: Agnieszka Holland - theater and film director is quoted as saying that the objective of the demonstrations "is to keep things the way they were"; Ryszard Petru - CEO of Modern Party; Marcin Święcicki - "prominent democrat" and former member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party; Andrzej Mischka – Polish catholic deacon, entrepreneur, blogger and former opposition activist during PRL; Karol Modzelewski - former opposition activist; Wanda Nowicka - member of leftist Palikot's Movement; Aleksander Smolar - currently CEO of Stefan Batory Foundation funded by George Soros ; Szymon Gutkowski - board member of Stefan Batory Foundation. Other prominent activists are :Tomasz Cimoszewicz - the son of former prime minister Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz; Radomir Szumełda - PO politician, one of the founders of the CDD; Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz - Polish lawyer and spokesperson for the Modern party; Paul Rabiej - co-founder of the Modern party. Acting under the euphanism "threats to freedom" are equally prominent individuals supporting the previous government; journalists like Jacek Zakowski; Stefan Bratkowski - founder of Gazeta Wyborcza and Agora; his daughter Catherine Bratkowska - promoter of gender movement; Peter Rachtan - former member of the PO; Tomasz Lis, Ewa Wanat, Renata Kim, Slawomir Sierakowski, Jaroslaw Kurski, Seweryn Blumsztajn. And, politicians like Slawomir Neumann, Wladyslaw Kosiniak- Kamysz, Barbara Nowacka. The activists listed above, under the guise of "citizens' initiative”, through the CDD, seek to catch “the second political breath”. The CDD‘s main ideologue, Piotr Pacewicz, “Gazeta Wyborcza” journalist, a specialist in revolutions, supports, among other, the slogan, " Down with Communism". It is humorous that next to him marched Marek Baranski supporting the PRL authorities during marshal law and criticizing the opposition. Lech Walesa, through his speeches also supports the CDD, as well as infamous Prof. Jan Tomasz Gross who during a recent visit to Germany, quoted from his published research paper, "that Poles were proud of their resistance to Nazi occupiers, but actually during the war they killed more Jews than Germans. "

Recruitment methods (interesting and educational)
It is easy to research and obtain information via internet search engines on 
 " How to join the CDD ":
“If you agree with our manifesto and do not want to be passive but want to join us, you can do it in a following way : contact one of our coordinators from the region in which you live and learn how to proceed.” You will be referred to a impressive list of coordinators in Poland and in the world:  


Addition - the recent mechanical failure of the presidential car should have raised justified concern. However, for CDD’s sympathizers, the accident has become an opportunity for ridicule and malicious comments on their Facebook page. Some of the comments:

Zenon Kaczorowski : Oh , what a pity . Cezary Bak : I wish him death in agony . 
Ted Roznicki : I thought that we would do collection for flowers. It is sad it did not happen 
Helena Jałosinska : I was ready to spend my entire retirement check on flowers, and let it be 
Ryszard Koczyrkiewicz : I wish there was a birch tree. Krystyna Wardziak : the incident was 
a warning , the second will not be.  Art Dru : Unfortunately, nothing happened to him. Bartosz Czerniec : We are waiting for the replay - this time effective. Krzysztof Tomasz Ratajczak : pity, lightning should have struck him, so I was hoping. Wojtek Woś: Too bad shit, and it would be cool. 

There are hundreds of such entries. In the vast majority with the names and photographs. Without embarrassment, with complete openness. After all, people of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy are blatantly outspoken.